2020 Fight for Air Stair Climb to Benefit the American Lung Association

Team Farmington Fire & Rescue at the 2019 Fight For Air Stair Climb.

Team Farmington Fire & Rescue at the 2019 Fight For Air Stair Climb.

A group of Farmington firefighters have decided to make every step count by joining in the American Lung Association's Fight For Air Climb to raise funds for healthy lungs and clean air. On March 28th 2020 the Farmington Fire & Rescue team will climb the 41 stories (789 stairs) of One Boston Place in full structural firefighting gear to help raise money for the American Lung Association. Each member has a fundraising page and an individual fundraising goal ranging from $100 to $2,000!

The funds we raise will help provide patient education, support research and advocacy efforts that will improve the lives of everyone living with lung disease including COPD, lung cancer and asthma. Every dollar raised moves us forward in our fight for healthy lungs and clean air - help us get a step closer to our fundraising goal by donating today! Our goal is to raise the most funds for the American Lung Association out of all the teams climbing on March 28th.

We are climbing for hope because they’re fighting for breath. Donate today, and together we can make Every Step Count! You can pick your favorite team member below and donate on their individual page to show your support!


Meet The Farmington Fire & Rescue Team

Click on the photo or name of any team member to be taken to their American Lung Assoc. Participant Page to make a donation, or click the team photo above to make a general donation to the team!


Firefighter Josh Yates (Team Captain)


I’m beyond excited to return in 2020 to the Fight for Air Climb with so many men and woman from the department. My personal goal is $2,000 this year.

I rejoined Farmington Fire in 2018, I was 316lbs in July of 2018. I wanted to be the firefighter I’d want showing up to my house. My goal was to complete the stair climb with Doug Houston by March, which I successfully did in 18 minutes as well as kept 120lbs off. Now it’s a yearly goal for me, not only does it keep me in shape but the money raised goes to an extremely good cause.

“If you quit now...you’ll end up right back where you began. And when you first began, you were desperate to be where you are RIGHT NOW. Keep going!”


Lieutenant Eric Howarth


This will be my first year participating in the stair climb, and I am proud to be joining the other members of my department that participated last year. Besides suffering from asthma my whole life, I’ve lost people very close to me from COPD and lung cancer. I’m climbing to honor those I have lost and the countless other firefighters that have been affected by lung disease, in hopes that future generations will not have to suffer from these conditions.

The minimum fundraising goal per participant is only $100, but I’ve set a personal goal of at least 20 times that because of how important this cause is.





Firefighter Doug Houston



Firefighter Sierra Rodenhuis



Firefighter Hannah Gangi



Firefighter Kat Morin



Firefighter Ali Lagasse


Seeing a loved one pass away from COPD, I will be climbing in honor of my nana. Watching her struggle to breath was one the hardest things to see. She always told me to follow my heart and was very supportive when I told her I wanted to be a fire fighter! I know she would be so proud of me!!


Firefighter Jared Rowell